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  • Edwin Serrano

WATCH: Joe Budden Sits Down With Russ On S2E8 Of “Pull Up”

On season 2, episode 8 of Joe Budden's "Pull Up” he sat down with rapper Russ to discuss jewelry, festival performances, and his creative mind, and more. In the interview Russ and Budden have an interesting exchange regarding Black youth and their position in the music industry.

After the release of the video Russ released the following statement via Twitter:

“The industry, owned and ran by white people, uses young naive financially desperate black kids to perpetuate negative black stereotypes that in turn hold back & further destroy the black community. Black kids are being used as weapons of mass destruction against their own people. As a guest in the house of hip hop, I can’t just come in here and take take take…which is what white people historically do to anything black created. I have to give back to the culture that’s allowing me to take care of myself and my family. I try to do that by shedding light. On music business pitfalls to avoid/other things that I’ve learned that I feel could benefit anybody who’s tryna navigate this industry. I know a lotta time the “how” is harsh, but I want everyone to win on their terms and not get swindled and I hope y’all get that.”

Check out the video below.