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  • Edwin Serrano

Starting Your Own Business Can Be SCARY

You need to explain to all your friends why you're caring more about your Instagram account. Why you're talking about yourself so much. You have to "pretend to be this expert" when you're just getting started, so your customers can trust you. When you're not even sure if you trust you yet. You have to ask people for money (worst part right?). You have to deliver on your promises you make for people.

Can you do that?

All the while, you have to work on developing yourself personally so you can recover faster from imposter syndrome, self doubt and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from actually doing the damn thing.

Well guess what my people?

There is no rush.

There is no urgency.

You can spend the time you NEED working on just building your brand. Learning and mastering your craft. Practicing getting on video, recording yourself, writing captions and copy. Making some sales calls.

Doing all the things in "training wheels mode" so you can EXPERIENTIALLY LEARN what it's REALLY like to build an audience. How long it ACTUALLY takes for people to trust you and engage with you. Earn the privilege of someone's attention online.

BUILD your body of work that is super high value for other people. SPEND TIME asking your ideal client what they actually want, so you can work serving them and their pain point.

"Don't let your fear of striking our, keep you from playing the game"

You have the ability in the world to do a great job, but don't forget