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  • Edwin Serrano

My Take Away From Watching a @Garyvee Keynote

Let me start by saying that I have been following Gary Vee for almost 5 years, and I consume his content religiously to the point where it may be unhealthy. I just have never been able to see him live for one or two reasons, either the ticket to the conference he was speaking to was over my budget or he was speaking somewhere where I could not get to easily. So much love and appreciation to Tampa Bay Startup Week sponsored by Chase to allow attendees to see him for FREE, yes you read that correctly.

For someone that watches him closely, I knew more or less going into it the overall conversation he was going to have since he publishes all of his keynotes on his podcast and also knew there was going to be a Q&A session. So I had my question ready, which I'll state here since I did not get to ask:

Gary, you've been on the record stating that the 2017 opportunity is Direct Messaging on Instagram and your $1.80 strategy. What do you believe is the 2018 opportunity? I think you might say voice and Alexa so how can someone capitalize in that medium?

Gary had to catch a flight and couldn't get to all the questions but since I was in line I was close enough to get his latest book, Crushing It signed which was pretty cool. My takeaway was him reiterating one of his themes, legacy over currency also the amount of patience it takes to be an entrepreneur.

He did mention an interesting statistic, which is that only 1% of new companies will be a million dollar company. You figure it'd be a small never but I never thought it was that small. The biggest takeaway however is how humble he is, its unbelievable, he was so happy to sign books, take photos and show love to his fans, he never said "no"to anybody. This man is changing the game so heavily, I am blessed to have been able to see him speak in person.

Thank you Gary.