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  • Edwin Serrano

3 Things To Consider Before Investing In Cryptocurrency

As a prudent investor, there are a number of things that you must know if you are to make any meaningful revenue from your cryptocurrency investment. Failing to recognize what matters most can be your undoing in the investment world. Actually, many beginner investors have given up after experiencing a lot of losses from the failure to recognize the things to do when investing. In this article, I will discuss three things that should matter most for every investor on the block chain technology.

Consider the power of the currency

Trade is trade, and thus you need to look at the cryptocurrencies just like any other commodity in the market. You need to examine the kind of technology that has been used to build the system. In our case, the block chain technology is a very strong technology. This makes it very secure since there can’t be any sort of manipulation on the system. At the same time, consider the power of each individual currency on the system. If you are yet to decide whether to invest in bitcoins, then think about the power of the currency. This currency is usually future oriented. This means, you invest today and get high returns in future.

When to buy or sell

The cryptocurrency network is a very volatile form of investment. You will need to consider the type of investor you want to be. You can choose to be a day trader or one who holds on the investment for long periods. A day trader or seller is the type of investor who buys and sells his investments on a daily basis, usually at a small profit. Holding your investment will help you reduce the risks that can destroy your investment. While you are free to decide the kind of seller you want to be, it is important to note that day sellers make relatively less profits than those who hold on their investment for long. As already stated, cryptocoins are very volatile and thus you can easily find their price at the bottom.

Invest in various currencies

The best way to reduce the risks and volatility associated with cryptocurrencies is by diversifying your investments. You need to identify the best ICO (Initial Coin Offering) opportunities where you can put your resources. This is necessary because in the event one of the currencies experiences a dip, then the others can guarantee a return of your money. Many people who have chosen to invest in one form of currency simply because of the high projected returns have always been disappointed in the long run. Experts will always advise you never to put all your resources in one type of investment.

In conclusion, one ought to know that cryptocurrency investment is not where one becomes rich overnight; you can become poor as well. Understanding what you need to do can help you minimize the chances of losing all your investments.