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  • Edwin Serrano

25 Things I've Learned At 25

I was randomly contemplating my age and how it still fathoms me that I've been around for a quarter century. To the point where I looked back and reflected on life and lessons I've learned along the way. Maybe things would've been a little easier if I had known some things in advance, maybe not, who knows.

1. Never Settle

2. Fail Forward

3. We're on God's time

4. Work for free

5. Travel abundantly

6. Cultivate lasting friendships

7. Support your friends

8. Find a hobby

9. You or a loved one can die today

10. Its not greener on the other side

11. Follow your gut

12. Drink more water

13. Avoid negative energy

14. Find a mentor

15. Give more than you ask for

16. Have quality conversations

17. Be consistent

18. Stay true to your word

19. Be on time

20. Ask questions

21. Read your goals daily

22. Have high energy

23. Tip generously

24. Be on time

25. Pave your lane

I've been around for 25 years and there are two things that I'm passionate about: sharing what I have learned and continuing to learn to share more insights. I hope this finds you well and you find at least one take away from it.

Much Love.